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Healing the Heartbroken Doc
Healing the Heartbroken Doc

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HealingHealing the Heartbroken Doc -- a work in progress

Sometimes love is the best medicine.

Psychologist Dr. Kayla Evans is fighting battles on several fronts. Not only is she seven months pregnant, but the father of her child has left her in emotional ruin. To complicate matters, the long-time doctor at the juvenile rehabilitation camp she runs has passed away. With her due date looming, Kayla must find a replacement doctor, and sexy surgeon Dr. Jackson Hughes is just what the doctor—and the woman—ordered.

Jackson is trying to put a tragic choice behind him and where better to suture his broken spirit than Camp Phoenix. Located deep in the Ouachita Mountains, Camp Phoenix specializes in Animal-Assisted Therapy. Conventional Jackson’s prepared for the unconventional counseling, but he isn’t prepared for the camp’s stunning owner—or the pull she has on his wounded heart.

But is love enough to heal the heartbroken doctor?